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Nouvelle Workz specialize in Metallic Epoxy and Decorative Wall Panels. These materials can directly overlayed on any surfaces for commercial and residential use.

We are also well known for our exquisite and tasteful renovation projects. Together as a team, we produce high quality and cost effective solutions to customers.

Nouevelle Workz offers customized designs for flooring, walls, carpentry, electrical works, plumbing work, partition, false ceiling, plastering, etc.

We are direct contractor and offer competitive prices to suit customers’ budget.


Thank you Nouvelle Workz for the great work done despite the tight deadline.They are super efficient and listen carefully to our needs before giving out valuable advice! A true gem if you need to renovate your toilet and flooring.
~Wong Vki


James & Linn and his team did a great job on renovating my kitchen. The team is knowledge and professional. What he recommended is the best and the end result is very satisfying... no hidden cost . Everything is well discussed. Highly recommended
~Haidah Ridz


Thanks james for the wonderful service. Very fine workmanship
~Ah Mèé


Nouvelle Workz has done an excellent job in renovating my 20 years old house. He has redesigned the whole house from earlier antique design to classic design that has given very positive vibes and an energetic ambience. All the visitors who have seen our house so far have only given positive reviews, were so impressed and and taken his contact. We do feel incredibly fulfilled. His kitchen design and implementation is very unique. Hall is more spacious now. It's a great feeling.
~Ramadass Deenathayalu


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