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What is
Metallic Epoxy?

Metallic Epoxy provides cost effective alternatives to high cost natural stones, wood and other materials.

These is form from chemical reaction between resin and hardener/curative components and mixed with metallic and glitter-like particles creating an extremely distinctive, gloss and eyecatching effect after installation.

The unique design with luxurious fell will leave no grouting line, no hacking needed and smooth surface that is easy to clean.

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Luxury Feel. With the unique designs and swirls, metallic epoxy coating truly will capture everyone’s attention. Enhances overall environment and designs are one of a kind.

Long lasting with a minimal maintenance. If a metallic epoxy floor is well taken care of and experiences average daily use, it can last for a lifetime. This is high impact and scratch resistant. Waterproof and easy to clean.

Groutless. Metallic epoxy is applied seamlessly and with even surface. That makes it exceptionally easy to clean. Unlike other surfaces with groutline, this can be considered hygienic as it doesn’t hold any dirt that the groutline can do.

Non-slip surface. Metallic epoxy is reflective and can look slippery, but it’s not. Safety always comes first. Therefore it essential to enhance the grip of your flooring to protect you and your loved ones. Top coats for non slip can be an option to deal with.

Fast to complete. Metallic epoxy floor has been formulated to produce a fast curing. Installation is fast.

Non Toxic Finishing. Nouvelle’s products are certified non-toxic by the Food and Drug Administration.

Heat resistant. Metallic Epoxy is highly heat resistant that can withstand temperature upto 200 degree C that makes it safe for residential and even commercial environment.

No hacking required during installation.



Ensure no existing old epoxy, Vinyl, wood, pop up tiles or hollow tiles before applying metallic epoxy.

*It is essential during the process that there is no water leaking, (especially on aircon pipe).
The surface should also be free from dust and oil.

Owner is to ensure that the area is kept dry and clean before the work start. Once the work started, all windows and doors are to be closed at all times to prevent any water, rain or dust entering the premises.

If needed to change vanity, sanitary items, door, or any fixtures (leave gap from door to floor at 12mm apart), it is important to do so before metallic epoxy work.

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Step 1: Remove all debris and sanding of the area need to be done

Step 2 : Base coat

Step 3 : In house epoxy Self leveling

Step 4 : Metallic Epoxy Design

Step 5: Top coat finishing

Step 6 : Bathroom anti slip (optional) * Duration: 4 to 7 days to complete metallic epoxy flooring. No one is allowed to enter the area as area will be sealed up. Area will be good to use after 24 hours. Recommended duration before heavy objects can be placed on metallic epoxy floor after installtion is 7 days. Preperation work (Metallic Epoxy system) META


Here are some recommended Metallic Epoxy Flooring aftercare tips to prolong its life.


No washing of harsh chemicals (example bleach /thinner /alcohol). No chemical or soap washing for 14 days after installation.

Heavy object is not advisable to be placed on floor for at least 7 days after installation. Strictly no dragging of item on flooring or use any sharp objects to scratch the floor

Regular sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, steam cleaning, robot cleaners, and the use of general household cleaners are allowed. The use of a pH-neutral detergent is strongly recommended. Make sure that the floor is free of gravel and stones before vacuuming. Check your cleaning equipment regularly for damage to avoid accidents.


Soft Sponge can be used in cleaning the floor. No scrubbing on the flooring for 14 days after installation. Water stagnation or build-up may occur due to smooth leveling of your new floor. A floor squeegee would be highly recommended during this process to push excess water into the drainage, allowing for easy clean-up.

Do not use any metal or hard object to wash up the floor.

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